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Kinva is a secure platform designed for coaches and other professionals to connect directly with their clients. With Kinva, you can create bespoke, tailored, outcomes-focused coaching plans.

Kinva helps you connect with, support, and retain your clients. It creates much-needed accountability, and improves client outcomes.


How we can help Coaches

Access hard-to-reach clients

Provide realtime feedback

Improve the value of your offering

Boost retention rates

Maximise capacity

Provide clients with latest technology and innovation

Streamline your processes

Simpler to view documents on the go

Secure client management

Flexible appointments

Accessible media repository

Improved outcomes for your clients

25% to 40% of all Fortune 500 companies include executive coaching as a part of their standard leadership training for their top executives and best performers.


Report - Hay Group

Experience the next level of coaching with Kinva.

Kinva allows coaches to create bespoke plans with day-to-day scheduling, sent directly to the client's device. Coaches can include media in the plan, such as videos, documents, links. They can see when a client has completed a task, assess it remotely, and provide feedback, support, and encouragement. They can manage their caseload more efficiently. They can create GDPR-compliant groups – a community, the ability to share the journey and help and support each other at a time when we are all more and more separated from each other.

With bank-level encryption, coaches are assured that their clients' data is secure. Kinva reduces the need for face-to-face, reduces costs and carbon footprint, creates much-needed accountability, and improves client outcomes.

✔ Create an omnichannel model

✔ Improve client outcomes

✔ Improve overall wellness

✔ Enhance client access, convenience, and continuity of support

✔ Access clients previously inaccessible

✔ Remote client connection and support

✔ Proactive digital client engagement

✔ Provide virtual coaching


of coaching clients improve work performance, communication, and relationships


average financial return on investment in coaching


increase in demand for virtual coaching since 2019.

Institute of Coaching / ICF


Wellness coaching can reduce depressive symptoms, perceived stress levels, and improve quality of life and physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and spiritual functioning.

- The Mayo Clinic

How has COVID-19 changed the outlook for coaching?





The Coaching Federation 2021

Had to change their delivery mechanism.

Of providers moved to audio-video platforms.

Agreed that coach practitioners have to invest more in technology moving forward.

Experienced reduced income during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We believe in the human touch

If you would like to learn more about our platform, speak to us to learn how we can have a positive impact on your practice.


We're on a mission to improve the quality, effectiveness & accessibility of therapy and coaching.

- Kinva

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